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Осенняя Коллекция 2019
Спецпредложение Дня!

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Customer Support
Наша служба поддержки с радостью ответит на все ваши вопросы и поможет сделать заказ онлайн или по телефону!

Наши Партнеры

Corporate Partners

"Flowers Armenia" project is property of Regard Group LLC, established in Armenia under 269.110.71068 registration number, tax number: 02252505.

Delivery Policy

Our Delivery service works from 9.00 to 23.00 every day without weekends. You can place an order online from our website or by telephone. During holidays, for accurate and timely completion of the order for delivery of flowers, please place orders in advance.

Correctness of the delivery address
Please check carefully the delivery address and contact phone number on shipping address form. We cannot accept any liability for late or non-delivery due to an incorrect or incomplete address.

To process your order on time, please mention following details in case if delivery need to be done to hotel or hospital:

  • If delivery address is hotel, please indicate room number and name of the guest.
  • In case of hospitals, please indicate ward and room number as well as name of recipient.
Incomplete or incorrect delivery address
If delivery will not be possible in case of incomplete or incorrect address provided during the order placement, you will receive message from where to can take the order.
When one of the cities from the city-list is selected as the destination city, and it turns out that the actual address refers to the city out of our basic delivery zone, occasions like that are treated as orders with a wrong address. In case we are able to deliver to that place, but the delivery fee differs from that of the city from the city-list, the delivery will be conducted after the finalizing calculations. In case the delivery fee to that place is higher than that from the drop-down menu, a link for the extra payment will be sent to you.

Order Confirmation
After order placement, you will receive order confirmation email within a few minutes including your order number and detailed information of the purchased product: selected products, price for each product and total amount, delivery date and the addresses of the sender and the recipient.

Please contact our customer support department, in case you did not receive an order confirmation email.

Substitution Policy

Depends the season and details of delivery, the number of some sorts of flowers may be restricted in certain regions. Besides, flowers of certain tints may not be available on a fixed date and, therefore, it will not be possible to make bouquet identical to the samples featured at the site. 

In certain cases, we deserve the right to replace the flowers and wrapping materials with the equivalent ones while keeping the same shape, color and flower arrangement value. For flower arrangements of the same type (e.g. bouquet of roses), the flower type will have a priority over the color. But the number of ordered flower bouquet will never be changed, so if you order 21 or 22 roses in bouquet, we will always deliver you 21 or 22 roses as you have ordered! 

Delivery of gifts (toys, sweets,) is a supplementary service, and the assortment will depend on a particular region. Depending on the region of delivery, the look of the gifts delivered may slightly differ as compared to the samples featured at the site. On our part, we guarantee the quality and integrity of the gifts delivered, with the basic criteria for such cases as the weight and quality (in case of food delivery), size and price category of the gift!

Cancellation Policy

If, for any reason, you wish to change or cancel your order, please notify us as soon as possible. We are happy to accommodate requests for changes or cancellations as long as we receive them before the order has been sent out for delivery or prepared for shipment. At least 12 hour advance notice is necessary to assure a cancellation or any changes to your order. 

An order cannot be canceled or changed after it has been sent out for delivery or made by the florist (prepared for the delivery). In case an order has been canceled, we keep 10% of the order's total and refund the rest of the sum paid.



Розы по Цветам
Розы по Цветам


Выбор по Поводу
Выбор по Поводу

Смешанные Букеты
Смешанные Букеты


Букеты по Цветам
Букеты по Цветам

Траурные Цветы, Венки
Траурные Цветы, Венки

Самые Популярные
Самые Популярные

VIP Эксклюзивные Композиции, Букеты и Подарки
VIP Эксклюзивные Композиции, Букеты и Подарки

5-25% Скидки на специальный ассортимент цветов и подарков
5-25% Скидки на специальный ассортимент цветов и подарков

Осенняя Коллекция 2019
Осенняя Коллекция 2019

Спецпредложение  Дня!
Спецпредложение Дня!

Your Shopping Cart is currently empty
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Your Shopping Cart is currently empty
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